Easy Script

Easy Script

The Easy Script service is a safe, easy and convenient way to manage your scripts

There is no need to wait! Call before you come in and your script will be ready.

Your medication record will be kept up to date and in one place. All the information is kept confidential and protected. It also allows us to better manage your drug interactions as we know all the medications you are taking.

Ask our friendly staff about EasyScript and how we can set up an SMS reminder so that you will never forget to refill your script again.

Have you heard about our new App myPharmacyLink

myPharmacyLink helps you easily manage medications for you and your family, under the guidance of your trusted pharmacist. You can view your personalised medication information, receive reminders for new scripts and order your medications from your local pharmacy, all at the touch of a button. When your pharmacist conducts any services, you can access test and progress reports.

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